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Cocktails & Culprits

Friday 21st October 2022

7pm - late

£35.00 per person


There's been a murder and we need your help to solve it!

Join the fellow super sleuths on Friday 21st October 2021 for an evening of mystery and humour from The Tentpeg Murderers; Scotland's leading murder mystery company.

Tickets are priced at £35.00 per person including a cocktail on arrival, a fabulous 3 course dinner including a glass of wine following by tea & coffee.

Get in touch on 0141-777-3090 or to book your place today.

'The Last Bottle' Escape Dinner

Friday 9th September 2022

7pm - Late



It’s been 100 years since prohibition began and you find yourself in a dystopian present, where the sale of alcohol is once again punishable by law. An underground movement in Scotland ‘ALE’ (Alternative Liquid Exporters) has been successfully delivering alcohol around the old public houses, making it possible for people to enjoy a tipple or two in their favourite boozy establishment (under the cover of darkness, of course).


However disaster has struck! The cops have finally caught on to the pattern of distribution and all the supply chains ALE was using have been cut off. Your favourite place in town is now down to it’s very last bottle of wine! Nothing will stand in your way to win it and savour the last great taste. Compete with friends against fellow dinner guests to win the Last Bottle.

Can you and your team mates solve all the puzzles before anyone else?

Tickets are priced at £35.00 per person inclusive an arrival cocktail, 3 course dinner with tea/coffee plus entertainment.


Get in touch via our Contact Us form/ by calling 0141-777-3090 or email on